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Google Business Profile

What is it and why is it important?

Google Business Profile (formerly Google My Business) is intended to help business in a local area, with specific hours or in person visits, get information to prospective visitors quickly.

You have all seen the listings but may not have realized how much control you have over your ranking and the information Google provides.

Some important elements to audit on your listing include:

  • Address: Proximity to a local search is an indexing factor.

  • Reviews: Reviews and testimonails not only help prospective customers make decision, they help your local SEO ranking as well.

  • Hours: Few things are more frustrating to a prospective customer than to have the wrong hours listed on your profile.

  • Website: If you have one with greater detail on products or services it should be listed.

  • Images: A picture says a thousand words and helps connect prospective customers to you far more quickly than text. Put up pictures.

It is important to have information up to date to beat out your competitors in your local listing.

The local "three pack" listing is driven by the information in your profile, such as reviews, keywords and address.

Don't lose customers to a competitor just because they have more information on their listing.

Always ask customers for reviews. Not only does it help your ranking on Google, but it helps your "brand equity" and optics. If you were new in town and needed a dry cleaner you might Google "dry cleaners near me". Google would deliver a list of dry cleaners in the area. If there were only two dry cleaners listed and one had two reviews and one had 37, which would you trust more knowing nothing about the company or service? Reviews matter.

Don't know where to start?

Contact Greatly Digital Media for a fast (5 minute) free assessment of the strength of your listing. 1-877-GROW-GRT


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