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Updated: Apr 8, 2023

How can the newest darling of the AI world help your small business grow?

Many of us are aware of AI and how it can mimic human problem solving skills in a myriad of industries. Many of you have also heard of ChatGPT chatbot, launched in November 2022 and receiving a lot of press since then. But how does this affect you, the small business owner? Can you use ChatGPT to make your tasks easier?

The answer is: YES!

Here are some of the ways we have experienced small businesses using ChatGPT to save time and effort, or provide greater insight into a issue, problem or topic.

  • Get help on the basic framework for a business plan.

  • Find out more about your target market (ex. How many pizza restaurants are currently in Westerly, RI)

  • Find out pain points for target customers.

  • Request help writing a sales email to a target customer.

  • Train ChatGPT to write in your style for inter-company communication.

  • Get started on simple content for your website.

  • Start a press release.

  • Create a job description.

  • Starting copy for advertorials.

  • Write an ad in multiple languages.

What we have heard from our small business community is that the technology is a great starting place when you are stuck on the first step. It is not a replacement for the work, as editing and customizing is necessary. In many cases ChatGPT can get you 70% of the way there quickly.

For small businesses with limited time and resources, ChatGPT may help get a step further in the right direction.


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