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Facebook Marketing Services

Do you know how to boost?

Effective Facebook advertising is more than just posting to your Facebook page.


Without followers and a strategy posting on Facebook can be like talking to an empty room.


Small businesses and entrepreneurs have limited resources and cannot afford to waste time and effort on non-producing social campaigns.

Get back your time.

At The Greatly Agency we specialize in Facebook ads, including boosting, to make sure you are hitting the right target market, with the right call to action and the right message at the right time so that you do not waste your budget dollars on another Facebook or Instagram post no one engages with.

Contact us today to see how we can reach new customers cost effectively on Facebook.

  • Facebook Ads management

  • Facebook Boosting

  • Facebook Business Suite

  • Meta Business Manager

  • Instagram Ads linking

Hour, project, day or long term rates

Fully Equiped

Affordable agency team

Roadmaps, tracking and timelines

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