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About  growGREAT 


is for small to mid-sized businesses that are committed to reach the next level.


Our growGREAT workshop series and methodology is a deep dive into your business to devise a roadmap for success.


Choose any single session, three-session module (Strategy and Digital Beginnings, Marketing, Brand Building and Social Media or Analysis and Optimization), a comprehensive two day nine-session intensive module customized for the growth of your business. 

This is a business strategy plan for the future, relying on the tools of Marketing and Digital Marketing execution to achieve realistic (based on YOUR budget, resources and time-bound goals.

Topics include:

Business Strategy

Identifying your Target Audience 


Goal Setting

Planning for your Budget and Resources

Brand Building

Website Planning and Design

Email and Paid Digital Media

Social Media, SEO, PR and Content Planning

Analysis & Optimization

We rely on analytics, data and strategic planning to help you devise a plan for long term success. Training can be conducted as a two-day intensive or a nine-week course for individuals or groups.

Choose a single session, a fully planned strategic module or a two-day immersive intensive based on your current needs. 

  • Training- growGREAT Single Session

    Single Session- Facebook, Google, Pinterest, Twitter, Email, other
    Valid for one month
    • Account set-up
    • Payment profile set up
    • Ad set up
    • Measurement
    • *** Session will be recorded***
    • Session length one hour
  • Training- growGREAT - 3 Session Bundle

    Foundations of Strategy & Business, Brand & Digital or Analysis
    • Choose at checkout from:
    • Strategy and Business- 3 sessions
    • Brand and Digital- 3 sessions
    • Measurement, Analysis and Actionable Insights
  • Training- growGREAT 2 Day Intensive

    Building Your Business Start to Finish
    • Business Strategy
    • Identifying your Target Audience 
    • Competitive Analysis
    • Goal Setting
    • Budget and Resource Planning
    • Brand Building
    • Website Planning and Design
    • Social Media and Content Planning
    • Execution Planning
    • Measurement, Analysis, Insights and Optimization
  • Training- growGREAT Branding Workshop

    Branding Workshop 4 hours/ 2 days
    Valid for one year
    • Brand Strategy
    • Brand Mission, Vision, Values
    • Competitor Analysis
    • Competitive (Unique Positioning) Statement
    • Target Market Identification
    • Marketing Tactics Review
    • Brand Storytelling Tone and Messaging
    • Creative Prototypes
    • Sample Content Calendar (where applicable)
    • Recommended Budget and Media Plan

Let’s growGREAT Together

Get in touch so we can start working together.

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