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Email Marketing

Email Marketing is back!

Back in the day Email Marketing got a bad rap and that rap was called SPAM.

Since then Facebook, Instagram and Google have dominated the digital marketing playing field.

But don't write-off email yet!

Coming privacy laws will make your customer and prospect email lists more and more important. And email is still one of the most cost effective means of marketing to current and prospective marketing.

The key is to use email right and not spam your audience or fatigue their interest, to create campaigns based on specific triggers (like a birthday or anniversary) or to set up a drip campaign to nurture the relationship with prospective customers and convert them to buyers and brand advocates.

Developing a strategy for your email marketing program is the key to having a cost effective email marketing program.

We have decades of experience with email marketing.


Contact The Greatly Agency today to help you develop the right plan to go from good to GREAT.

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  • Email Marketing

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