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SEO Search Engine Optimization

What if you threw a party and nobody came? 


Designing a beautiful website without the basic elements of SEO baked in is basically the same thing.


Most designers design and don't prepare your website for search engines to crawl.


Would you know how to identify if your pages have the backend code needed to rank on Google or Bing?

Search Engine Optimization is an essential part of any Digital Marketing Toolkit for driving traffic and being found on the web. It is organically one of the most powerful marketing tools as customer target themselves through high-intent and high converting keywords they input on search engines.


But being found be the search engines is one part of optimizing your site. Ranking and indexing higher than your competition is another.


Ranking on Search results pages (SERPs) for SEO can be a complicated and lengthy process.


Our goal at The Greatly Agency is to simplify Search Marketing for you, prioritize your efforts and get you ranked for the right keywords quickly. 

Best Value

Website SEO Audit PLUS Update Execution



Search Engine Optimization- Onsite and Off-Site

Valid until canceled

  • Keyword identification

  • On-page, Off-page  and technical SEO

  • SEO Titles, Meta Descriptions Pages and Products

  • Internal Linking

  • Structured Markup

  • 404 pages and 301 redirects

  • Google and Bing Search Indexing Requests

  • Ongoing recommendations

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