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growGREAT Training is for small to mid-sized businesses committed to reaching the next level.

Our growGREAT FOUNDATIONS workshop series is a deep dive into your business to devise an achievable roadmap for success. Choose one of our three-week modules Business and Strategy Foundations, Brand and Digital Marketing, or Analysis and Optimization, or all three together, for a comprehensive tutorial on the growth of your business.. 

This is a business strategy plan for the future, relying on the tools of Marketing and Digital Marketing execution to achieve realistic -based on YOUR budget and resources- and time-bound goals.

Topics include:

Business Strategy

Identifying your Target Audience 


Goal Setting

Planning for your Budget and Resources

Brand Building

Website Planning and Design

Social Media and Content Planning

Process and Execution

Analysis & Optimization

We rely on analytics, data and strategic planning to help you devise a plan for long term success building your business from good to GREAT.

Contact us to learn more about our affordable webinar and in-person courses to build a roadmap for your multi-year success.

Select a Session or Service

  • Consulting- Digital Business Strategy

    Every month
    Digital Marketing
    • Can include: Target Market Identification
    • S.M.A.R.T Goal Identification and Prioritization
    • Digital Platform Prioritiztion
    • Marketing Messaging, Positioning
    • Basic Marketing Plan
    • Price Per Hour of Scheduled Consultation
  • Best Value

    Training- growGREAT Single Session

    Single Session- Facebook, Google, Pinterest, Twitter, Email, other
    Valid for one month
    • Account set-up
    • Payment profile set up
    • Ad set up
    • Measurement
    • *** Session will be recorded***
    • Session length one hour
  • Training- growGREAT 2 Day Intensive

    Building Your Business Start to Finish
    • Business Strategy
    • Identifying your Target Audience 
    • Competitive Analysis
    • Goal Setting
    • Budget and Resource Planning
    • Brand Building
    • Website Planning and Design
    • Social Media and Content Planning
    • Execution Planning
    • Measurement, Analysis, Insights and Optimization
  • Training- growGREAT - 3 Session Bundle

    Foundations of Strategy & Business, Brand & Digital or Analysis
    • Choose at checkout from:
    • Strategy and Business- 3 sessions
    • Brand and Digital- 3 sessions
    • Measurement, Analysis and Actionable Insights
  • Training- growGREAT Branding Workshop

    Branding Workshop 4 hours/ 2 days
    Valid for one year
    • Brand Strategy
    • Brand Mission, Vision, Values
    • Competitor Analysis
    • Competitive (Unique Positioning) Statement
    • Target Market Identification
    • Marketing Tactics Review
    • Brand Storytelling Tone and Messaging
    • Creative Prototypes
    • Sample Content Calendar (where applicable)
    • Recommended Budget and Media Plan
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