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About  growGREAT 
email marketing training 


is for small to mid-sized businesses that are committed to reach the next level.


Our growGREAT workshop series and methodology is a deep dive into any aspect of your marketing to devise a roadmap for success. 

This module is a hands on training with study work between classes to build a confident foundation for your future with email marketing.

Topics include:

Basics of Email Marketing

Email Marketing Service Providers for Small Business

Developing a List of Contacts

The Importance of Lists

Campaign Development and Design

The Importance of Subjects Lines

Proofing and Deploying Your Campaigns

Triggers and Automations

Contestants  and Lead Campaigns



We rely on analytics, data and strategic planning to help you devise a plan for long term success. Training can be conducted as a two-day intensive, four-week course for individuals or groups, or one-on-one hourly training on a set schedule for two or more individuals.


Contact us to learn more about this affordable alternative to building your roadmap to multi-year success.

Let’s growGREAT Together

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